Please find below a list of staff and their responsibilities here at Moss Park Junior School:

Mrs. S. Nunwick┬á– Head Teacher

Designated Teacher for Child Protection

Teaching Staff:

Mr. R. Boyer – Acting Deputy Head Teacher and Year 6 Class Teacher

Maths Lead Teacher, PSHE Lead Teacher, Pupil Premium Grant Lead and ITT Mentor

Miss. K. Higson – Acting Assistant Head Teacher and Year 6 Class Teacher

English Lead Teacher, Computing/ ICT Lead Teacher, E-Safety Committee Lead, Website and ITT Mentor

Mrs. A. Foster – Year 4 Class Teacher and Inclusion Lead


Miss A. Isbister – Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs. L. Grainger – Year 3 Class Teacher (Job Share)

Geography Lead Teacher, Eco Council Lead

Mrs. A. Richardson – Year 3 Class Teacher (Job Share)

Arts Lead Teacher, History Lead Teacher

Mr. C. Tarry – Year 3 Class Teacher

P.E. Lead Teacher, Extra Curricular Clubs

Miss. C. Lieberman – Year 5 Class Teacher

Science Lead Teacher, Religious Education Lead Teacher, School Council Lead

Miss. K. Lee – Year 5 Class Teacher

Ms. J. Butler

Year 6 Teacher and Music and Spanish Lead Teacher

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs. P. Threlfall – Lunchtime Welfare and Breakfast Club Coordinator,

Learning Support

Mrs. K. Valentine – Learning Support and EAL

Mrs. S. Hilton – Learning Support

Mrs. L. France – Learning Support

Mrs. R. Singh – Learning Support

Mr. J. Ward – Learning Support

School Business Manager: Mrs. S. Corrigan

Administrative Assistants:

Mrs. L. Murray

Mrs. J. Willet – Finance Administrative Assistant

Site Manager: Mr.J. Irvine

Midday Assistants:

Mrs. P. Threlfall (Supervisor)

Mrs J. Eppleston

Mrs S. Vaughn

Mrs. L. Tucker

Miss. S. Kaur

Mrs. L. Murray

Mrs. O. Kaur