Parents’ Questionnaire

Moss Park Junior School Parent Questionnaire Feedback January 2017

We had responses for 98 pupils across the age range. Thank you to all the parents who took the time to fill in this ‘baseline’ questionnaire for me. We really do value your opinions and ideas and I hope to work with you much more closely to work on any areas where you haven’t agreed with the statements or were not sure about our provision. Please see below and overleaf for details of things I am putting into place this year and beyond. Not everyone made comments. In addition, I have grouped some comments together in themes.
  Agree Disagree Not Sure
1 My child enjoys school 95 2 1
2 My child is safe in school 92 0 6
3 The school informs me about my child’s progress 86 4 8
4 My child is making progress in their learning 84 3 11
5 The teaching is good at this school 83 1 13
6 The school helps me to support my child’s learning 81 5 12
7 There is a good range of activities that my child finds interesting and enjoyable 90 4 4
8 The school prepares my child for future learning 76 3 19
9 Behaviour is good  95 2 1
10 The school seeks the view of parents and takes account of their suggestions and concerns 79 8 11
11 The school is led and managed effectively 92 0 6
12 Overall, I am happy with my child’s experience at this school 91 1 6
Things we like about Moss Park Junior School – thank you


Approachable staff (x10)                           Good behaviour and discipline (x5)

Friendly pupils (x9)                                    Happy child and good progress in learning (x10)

Extra-curricular opportunities (x9)             Well organised and well-led (x7)

Homework (x4)                                          High quality learning environment, ICT suite and Fitness trail (x5)

Everything! (x5)                                       Range of lessons/interesting curriculum (x4)

What could be even better?

Clubs – more variety (non-sport related) and longer clubs (e.g. weeks long)

I am in the process of evaluating our whole club programme. It may seem that we are ‘sports-heavy’ but this is because of the Government’s PE and Sport Premium Grant. This enables schools to have free or heavily subsidised sporting activities that they would not be able to afford. I am keen to widen the range of clubs at lunchtimes and after schools but they will either be free (because teachers and staff run them as volunteers – giving time up without pay) or if they are to be run by professionals, there will be a cost involved. Please bear with me and by Easter you will see new clubs. I also intend to put our annual/termly club calendar on the website so that you can see what clubs are on for your child. We will offer clubs out at the start of each term rather than you getting letters one by one. All clubs will last for a complete term wherever possible.


Communication and support for parents of pupils with special educational needs

I am starting a ‘drop-in’ for parents of pupils who are on our SEN register. This will be a monthly ‘SENCO surgery’ where Miss Foster will be able to answer any queries and/or help you with other services. Parent of pupils with SEN//D have will have the chance to speak to their teacher each half term to contribute to, and review the individual learning plans for their child. I am meeting with the head of SEN service to find out what Trafford can offer us after the holidays and will let you know how I get on in my next newsletter.


Breakfast Club starting earlier

I am afraid that as school staff run this club, I am unable to offer an earlier start at this moment in time. Having school staff run our club means that we are able to provide the pupils with stability that come from close relationships between our high quality staff and pupils. If we hired our school out to a commercial provider, we would not be able to absorb costs in the way we do (no charge for premises hire, heating and lighting etc.)


More activities for break/lunch times

We are working on the equipment in the playground and also dividing the area into ‘zones so that pupils can play a wider variety of games. We are also opening the ICT suite and the Quad after the holidays to provide quiet, supervised activities such as reading, arts and crafts and computing work. I’m also working with a play company to help us secure funding for fresh ideas outside.


School Dinners

There were 4 comments around more variety and about the opportunity for Halal meals. The difficulty we have is that our catering is shared with the infant school and there is not currently the space to cook separate halal meals. I can assure parents that the food here is of good quality with lots of choice, and that also the Junior & Infant schools are served at the same time, with staff shared between the two sites at 12pm.


More homework/more information regarding methods (maths)

Homework is always a tricky issue as parents are always split between ‘pupils get too much/not enough homework (this is my experience after 25 years!). We try our best to make homework relevant and an extension of learning. However, homework is basically an extra lesson or two every week for teachers to prepare, plan and mark. The most important thing that pupils can do at home are: learn their times tables (answer in 5 seconds, know the division facts that match up), reading and spelling. We are investigating maths and English home access learning sites for those parents who would like their children to do more – watch this space. I will also ensure that teachers put regular links on their class blogs.


More frequent information about pupil progress including targets, reports and Parents Evenings

Yes I agree and I hope that you thought the new Parents’ Evening Sheets were useful. You will get a similar sheet regarding your child’s attainment and progress at Easter. Next year we will have two formal Parents Evenings – just before Christmas and just before Easter. Please look out for new reading, writing and times tables targets coming home in your child’s new reading diary on the first Friday back in school (24/2/17). I will be rolling out ‘Open Weeks’ and delivering workshops especially around Maths after SATs. We are investigating using individual pupil termly reports from Target Tracker (our assessment system) and these should be ready by the end of the spring term.


Preparation for Grammar School

This is a tricky issue for schools as we are actively discouraged from preparing pupils. We can’t use public funds either. I intend starting a ‘club’ for year 4 and 5 in the summer term. I’d like to discuss ways round this at the Head teacher Parent Coffee mornings – it may be something that a Parent Teacher Association may be able to organise and host in school (we need to discuss this too!) So please attend if you can.


Website  –  we are updating this ready for a complete re-launch in September 2017

More parental involvement (and I think that covers the Y2/3 transition too) – see my thoughts above on a possible PTA, Open Weeks, more family events. Also, the Y2/3 transition period and the first few weeks of Y3 will look very different this coming school year.

More parties/trips/own clothes days/events – we are working on this too next term

Exiting the school – changing after the holidays

Professional DVDs to buy of events like Leavers’ Assembly and Christmas Plays – yes, we will arrange this

Music lessons should be free – most classes learn an instrument for free but we can’t use public money to pay for tuition for a small number of pupils. Our lessons are much cheaper than having them at home and we do subsidise pupils who are in receipt of the Pupil Premium

Bike rack – We got a grant for an extra bike rack and scooters and this is being erected in the holidays.

Weekly newsletters – quite hard to manage but I would like to do a brief weekly sheet that would let you know the Superstars/behaviour awards/attendance winners and anything important for the week.


Nothing! (x 7)


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